Maya Alex

Founder and Stylist, M.A.D MGMT

Maya is a creative professional with over a decade of experience in the fashion industry. She lived in Paris, France where she worked as a model and stylist while earning her degree in modern literature from the Sorbonne. Later she moved to San Francisco and launched M.A.D MGMT.

Personal Styling and Fashion Consultancy

M.A.D MGMT is the result of years of work, passion and commitment to fashion, art and beauty. The agency’s goal is to provide a place where all three meet to provide the best possible experience to anyone looking for a little help, change, refreshment or a total reinvention of their image, wardrobe, look or style.

M.A.D MGMT is a full-service agency. Maya will work closely with you to really understand and provide what you are looking for. Her approach to personal styling and image transformation is highly personalized. She brings a vibrant creativity to her work, a unique mixture of her native European and Parisian chic fused with the relaxed California cool.