Gender Consulting

Personal styling for gender confirmation

M.A.D MGMT provides a friendly and discrete approach to styling and image consultancy for those undergoing gender transition. We understand the significant step you are taking in your life, and how personal styling is an integral part of the gender transition journey.

What does a transgender and gender confirmation stylist do?

More than any other type of image consultancy, in the case of gender transition, we take the extra time to really get to know you; what motivates you, how you feel about your body, what style of clothes you love to dress in, and what image you want to convey. But also we’re interested in your lifestyle, your creativity, and even your sense of fun.

Ultimately, the clothes you wear, how you put on makeup, and how you wear your hair should make you feel happy about yourself. Our goal is to ensure you are expressing your real self confidently so that you’re able to enjoy your life to the fullest.