Bridal Styling


Your Bridal Stylist

Welcome to one of the most exciting days in your life: your wedding day! Most certainly a day of joy and excitement, but also not without its stresses. Engaging a bridal fashion stylist is one way in which you can relax and feel confident that everything will be absolutely perfect on your special day.

What does a Bridal Stylist do?

The true skill of a bridal stylist lies in their ability to fully understand and interpret your individual style and provide expert complementary advice and guidance. When done in a collaborative and creative way you can feel confident that your most authentic and best self is expressed in every choice you make.

Maya engages with you in a personalized, one-on-one manner to provide a highly bespoke level of personal styling, beauty & makeup consulting, and personal shopping services for your engagement, wedding and beyond. She makes the shopping and dress selection process not only align with your personal sense of style but also enjoyable and fun!

Maya will help you select the perfect bridal gown, shoes, and other accessories to coordinate with your planned theme or chosen style framework. She can also ensure that bridesmaid dresses and the mother-of-the-bride’s dress is aesthetically coordinated to complete the wedding ensemble.


Bridal Styling Services

Shopping for your dress should be a joyful and exciting process, but may also seem overwhelming. With an extensive knowledge of local and international designers, online shopping resources, and retail in San Francisco, NYC, LA, and Europe, Maya will skillfully guide you through the most critical purchasing decisions and events. Her bridal styling services include:  

  • Confirming your personal bridal style and color palette
  • Online and in-person shopping and dress selection fittings
  • Professional advice on accessories: shoes, jewelry, hair, lingerie.
  • On-the-day presence: dressing assistance, wardrobe malfunction, last minute adjustments.
  • Wardrobe recommendations for your wedding fashion ‘itinerary’: the engagement party, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, vows, reception and not to mention the honeymoon!
  • Wedding party styling: styling advice for the mother-of-the-bride, bridesmaids, and other significant participants.

The Bridal Styling Process

Getting to Know You

The bridal styling process begins with an extensive briefing session to discuss the overall theme and vision for your wedding. You will decide on the level of service you require: do you require just shopping and styling, or specific on-the-day help as well?

Next we will launch into the creative process by exploring your initial ideas for your dress and accessories, creating mood boards, and image collections. We will then research and explore the designers and boutiques that suit your sense of personal style. Fitting appointments will be scheduled.

Styling, Shopping and Outfit Selection

Maya will help you with the shopping and selection process for every occasion, including your choice of “The Dress” for the main event. We’ll also work together to style your image for the engagement party, bridal showers, rehearsal dinner, vows, and honeymoon travel. We’ll also explore makeup, jewelry, shoes, handbags, everything down to the finest details.

Bridal Party 

An additional service you may want to explore is the styling of your bridesmaids’ dresses, mother-of-the-bride outfit, and other significant participants. Maya will translate your style choices into overarching themes for the bridal party to ensure that your personality and style will also be complemented by the right amount of variation in a way that everyone should enjoy.

The Perfect Finishing Touches

Maya can work with your wedding planner on details like the wedding bouquet and how your fashion choices will dovetail with your chosen wedding theme. She’ll review the specifics of the wedding plan, the ceremony and reception venues to ensure that they are well aligned with your style choices. For example, if you’re wearing thin, spiked heels, will you need to be walking on grass? Is the ceremony inside or outside? What will the weather be like on the big day?

The Big Day

If you desire, Maya’s services can also extend to the big day itself. She can help you put on your dress and to make any last-minute adjustments or emergency repairs. She can help to ensure that your bridesmaids’ look their very best and even discreetly float behind you as you walk into your ceremony to make sure your train is moving smoothly or your veil is sitting just right. Or alternatively, she can provide a less intrusive final ‘once over’ review before you head to the altar.

Whatever the level of service you require, Maya is very adept at customizing bridal styling services for your circumstances and providing just the right amount of assistance to make sure you shine on your big day.